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Video not working? Direct link Yoga Anatomy Visualization – Asana Study #1 

So I love anatomy and was very excited when I got my muscle leggings last summer. Anything that can help me see and visualize anatomical structures makes me super happy.

The idea for this has been percolating for the last 6 months or so. I had an idea for a short video that would allow a live visualization of muscles and connective tissue on a moving body however I never had the enough time to make it happen the way I imagined.

But I just couldn’t let it go. Read More

Backbend Poses- Front Heart Energy

A potpourri explosion of asanas. [four sketches].

Backbends. Forward bends. Breathe open shoulder blades, to sides.
Open Front of Heart. Open Back of Heart. Balance and find ground.

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Study Ground 1.2 Tadasana Handstand

Balasana. Child’s Pose. Earth. Center of Gravity. Center Line Balance. Spine. Feet. Hands.

  • Ground through your feet + hands.
  • Dance Balance through your center (of gravity, aka by the pelvis.)

Tadasana. Adho mukha vrksasana (Handstand). A potpourri of poses: Vrksasana (Tree pose), Lotus, Parsvakonasana, Urdhva Dhanurasana, Virabhadrasana 2, and Virabhadrasana 3.


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Parsvakonasana. Side Angle. Side Bends, Side Waist, Twist Ground. Cones of torso shoulders, hips, body. Heart. Center Plane. Yoga Center of Gravity. Pelvis. Sacrum. Heart.

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