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Video not working? Direct link Yoga Anatomy Visualization – Asana Study #1  So I love anatomy and was very excited when I got my muscle leggings last…

Backbend Poses- Front Heart Energy

A potpourri explosion of asanas. [four sketches]. Backbends. Forward bends. Breathe open shoulder blades, to sides. Open Front of Heart. Open Back of Heart. Balance…

Study Ground 1.2 Tadasana Handstand

Balasana. Child’s Pose. Earth. Center of Gravity. Center Line Balance. Spine. Feet. Hands. Ground through your feet + hands. Dance Balance through your center (of…


Parsvakonasana. Side Angle. Side Bends, Side Waist, Twist Ground. Cones of torso shoulders, hips, body. Heart. Center Plane. Yoga Center of Gravity. Pelvis. Sacrum. Heart.

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