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Yoga sells, even if it's misleading

# Yoga sells, even if it's misleading

Yoga gives me strength, balance, and flexibility. Apparently this women’s bank does too.

Screenshot off of the New York Times website on Monday May 31, 2010

Is yoga advertising misleading?

This is not just a rhetorical question.

The focus on balance, strength, and flexibility….
Gives me a strong sense of well-being.

(I’m talking about my bank)

I consider myself savvy enough to catch blatant uses of yoga to sell goods, but I was thoroughly fooled. I read this ad BECAUSE of the women doing yoga–a photo of triangle pose in the photo style of Yoga Journal.

When I figured out that it was for a bank, well, anti-climactic is an understatement. I felt deceived and cheated. It’s like committing to a movie on TV only to be dismally disappointed and wishing you could have your two hours back.

I mean, really what does yoga have to do with banks??

And then there’s the irony that this ad showed up in above the New York Times’ article about student debt. Then again, that’s that targeted google-adsense style of advertising that follows us around the web:

START: Student-debt article

—> readers must need bank financing! Possible students ready to bankrupt their lives away!

—> show them bank advertising!

—> don’t forget NYT demographic includes yoga moms [via It’s all yoga baby]

—> yoga sells banks

and money.



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The Yoga of Happy Baby

There’s so much that could be said about the use of yoga in advertising. Money matters and yoga sells.

But right now, I do not wish to over-intellectualized a video that just made me smile.

Happy Baby.

Atha Yoganuaasanam. Yoga begins now.

Who knew diapers could be so lighthearted?

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