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Balasana (Child's pose) to Ustrasana (Camel Pose) to Balasana transition steps in a comic tri-panel

A simple sketch from after yesterday’s class with Ryan Cunningham at Back Bay Yoga.

Nice to go to class and explore yoga asana practice through the lens of another teacher. In this case, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d done the transition into Ustrasana (or Camel pose) from Balasana (child’s pose). Ryan’s sequence was particularly well thought out to build up a fluid, waving spine which supported back and forth the transitions between backbends and forward bends.

In all, a lovely class and interesting vinyasa to work with. Thanks Ryan.


Starting in child’s pose, hands holding the heels.

Inhale–lead with the head and heart up to camel. Wave spine up through backbend. (Stay)
Exhale–fold forward. again lead with the head, sternum, and heart. The head is the last thing to come down.

Start and end points at top right and bottom left corners.

Balasana (Child's pose) to Ustrasana (Camel Pose) to Balasana transition steps in a comic tri-panel

Drawing notes:

Since this was less a pose than a vinyasa–a series of movements linked with breaths–I was thinking about time and time-lapse photography. Comics and panels do a nice job of this time traveling sensation. I like the idea of each moment being sketchy. As such, each individual “frame” was quickly drawn, speed style to not get stuck, as the momentum was forward and on.

I sketched this series from bottom up, bottom to top, left to right, but when I put the panels together I realized it can be read from top to bottom, right to left, which is nice, seeing as this vinyasa and transition doesn’t have to start any particular place. It oscillates back and forth from balasana to ustrasana and back again. Like a pendulum.

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